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Pruyn Re-Signs for Swans

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - 1:29 PM

Swan Districts Football Club is delighted to announce that Andrew Pruyn has re-signed as the club's Senior WAFL Coach for a further two years.

"Andrew was set a task in 2022 to help create an enduring and sustainable high performing football department, and we believe he's well on track to achieving this," said Swans President Peter Hodyl.

"Andrew's building a strong culture among the squad including our senior and emerging players, coaches and support staff."

"He's focussed and determined, and will continue to make a positive impact on our WAFL players and teams."

"He's been an integral part of the Swans family for over 20 years and inherently understands the role football plays in the club's broader purpose and vision."

Pruyn led the men's senior football program for the past two seasons of the club's Football Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024. He'll now play a major role in shaping and delivering the next long term plan.

"I am deeply grateful for the trust and support shown in me from the Club and the greater Swans community," said Andrew Pruyn.

"Together, we will strive to reach new heights and achieve our long-term goals. The next chapter for us is full of promise and potential."

"The strong culture we've developed within the squad, including our senior and emerging players, is somehting I'm particularly proud of. I look forward to continuing to nurture and devleop this culture over the next two years."

"One of my key priorities is to continue promoting and playing our local talent. Our club has a rich history of developing home-grown players, and I am committed to ensuring that we keep providing opportunities for our local boys to shine on the big stage."

"Supporting and developing local talent is not just about winning games; it's about nurturing the next generation of Swans players who understand and embody the values and spirit of our club. This will remain a cornerstone of our strategy moving forward."