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Committees - Swan Districts FC

The Club is proud and appreciative of the large number of volunteers who participate in various committees together with club staff to help achieve the club’s aspirations. Each committee operates under a Board approved Terms of Reference.


The present Committees and Chairpersons are:

Social Impact Committee - Ian Westmore (Chair), Mary Erceg, Harvey Collins, Jason Burton, Jeff Dennis, Peter Hodyl, Natalie Barton Leeson.

WAFLW Football Affairs - Brendan Valentine (Chair), Jeff Dennis, Peter Hodyl, Phil Smart, Adam Dancey.

Finance Committee - Des Hardiman (Chair), Neville Bassett, Peter Hodyl, Gerard Roelofs, Emilio Paterniti, Jeff Dennis.

WAFL Football Affairs - Andrew Holmes (Chair), Peter Hodyl, Jeff Dennis, Phil Smart.

Governance and Risk Committee - Ken Wyatt (Chair), Sarah Reily, Peter, Hodyl, Jeff Dennis.

Operations Committee - Peter Hodyl (Chair), Jeff Dennis, Ross Leipold, Mitchell Eastman, Joely Bouckaert, Phil Smart.  

Marketing Committee - Peter Hodyl, Brendan Lobo, Jeff Dennis, Ross Leipold, Jason Burton, Joely Bouckaert, Mitchell Eastman.

Facilities Development Committee - Kylee Schoonens, Peter Snow, Jeff Dennis, Peter Hodyl.

Youth Committee - Ian Westmore (Chair), Jessica Ellis, Hayley Cole, Matt Bishop, Jimmy Westbrook, Sergeant Jesse Bill, Erin Duffy, Tamara Mott, Senior Sergeant Luke Colins

Aboriginal Advisory Committee - Cheryl Thomas, Garth Taylor, Levi Islam, Sherri Bagshaw, Kat Bowie, Roanna Edwards, Jason Burton, Wanita Bartholomeusz.

Disability Advocacy Inclusion Committee - Eliza Outred (Chair), Maurice Embley, Kristina Stabback, Robyn Hansson, Peter Reidy, Glen Otley, Jessica Ellis, Chris Roberton.

Hall of Fame Comittee - Jeff Dennis (Chair), Brian Dawson, Vic Jeffery, John Rowe, Rod Greene, Darryl Crotty, Jim Watterston, Ross Fitzgerald, Brad Willey, Greg Wardell-Johnson, John Komorowski, Peter Hodyl (Observer).

Heritage Committee - Des Hardiman (Chair), Jim Dougan, Greg Wardell-Johnson, Trevor Hoy, Alan Jelleff, Keith Michelson, Tony Myles, John Rowe, John Komorowski.

Community Development Committee - Ian Westmore (Chair), Brendan Lobo, Jeff Dennis, Matt Hewitson, Peter Hodyl, Natalie Barton-Leeson.