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2024 WAFLW Player Auction Leader Board

Standings after round 8.

    $431.42 $215.71  
GROUP 1 Iron Mine Contracting $ $647.13 $647.13
GROUP 2 Sullivan Logistics $862.84 $647.13 $1509.97
GROUP 3 CTM Recruitment $ $ $
GROUP 4 Cellarbrations Maida Vale $1294.26 $215.71 $1509.97
GROUP 5 Jones & Co Property $431.42 $ $431.42
GROUP 6 Cellarbrations Maida Vale $431.42 $ $431.42

League: E.Gelmi (r1); C.D'Addario (r2); K. King (r3); C. D'Addario (r4); Bye (r5); L. Paterson (r6); E. Humphries (r7); C. D'Addario (r8);
Rogers Cup: M.Fisher (r1); G.Vale (r2); G. Hirst (r3); L. MacGregor (r4); Bye (r5); T. Lee (r6); L. MacGregor (r7); T. Lee (r8);

Total Auction Value = $15,100
60% (Prize Pool) = $9,060
40% (Club)   =  $6,040
League prize pool = $6,040  14 games = dividend of $431.42
Rogers Cup prize pool = $3,020  14 games  =  dividend of $215.71


Demi Liddle
Tierrah Miller
Brianna Hyde
Kelly Polla
Megan Clayton
Monica Yengi
Beelinda Gallagher
Adi Griffith
Bailey Winter
Madison Fisher
Larissa Macgregor
Ruby Whitehouse

Eliza Gelmi
Emma Nanut
Tayla Thorn
Lily Paterson
Keira Kennedy
Kaydence Ryder
Javier Cornelius
Tannah Lee
Charlize Carthew
Grace Hirst
Zoe Tickner
Micaela Henry

Indiana West
Hannah Plummer
Megan Carron
Sienna Pollard
Ava Stewart
Kaylee Myles
Asha Ascoli
Gemma Smith
Kirrali Richmond
Nahala Hall
Jemma Sly
Karri Parnham

Naomi Baker
Taylah Edwards
Carys D'Addario
Millie Edgar
Gemma Hill
Sienna Gerardi
Destiny Tiet
Makaela Grau
Summer Ajduk
Mia Prosser
Leah Howard
Grace Vale

Courtney Zappara
Lauren Quaife
Kayley  King
Kayla May
Teyharna Curry
Madison Catley
Riley Hall
Brianna North
Savanah Hansen
Zuzanna Murawska
Grace Cable
Shanae Morisey

Hope Ugle-Hayward
Isabella Edgely
Tamzyn Beros
Emily McGuire
Emma Humphries
Luka Davis
Jorja Byrne
Olivia Rasenberg
Alyssa Tremlett
Eloise Moore
Katica Borsic

Rules & Regulations


The Swan Districts Women’s Player Auction is a fun way for members and supporters to get an even closer involvement with the club in 2024. By purchasing a player group, you are in the running to receive a large cash dividend each week. The dividend remitted will depend on the level of monies in the pool.

So take up the challenge, have some fun, and become the proud owner of a group of Swans Women players in 2024. It is the ultimate test of your ability to ‘spot’ some talent!


Player Auction Rules
This year there will be one Best on Ground selected in each of the Rogers Cup and League teams each week. So the best case scenario, to receive the maximum weekly dividend, would be if you have both Best on Ground players (Rogers Cup and League) in your group.

Prize Money
The formula for calculating the prize money is as follows – 60% of money raised at the auction will be paid back to purchasers as a cash dividend. 40% of the money will be allocated to the League prize pool and 20% to the Rogers Cup pool. The remaining 40% will go to the club to support its annual fundraising target.

Points to Remember

· The Player group you purchase is yours for the 2024 Swan Districts Women's home and away games.

· There are two different cash dividends each round (1 League, and 1 Rogers Cup). All dividends will be distributed at the end of the season.

· The weekly Best on Ground in the League and Rogers Cup team are allocated by the best on ground vote cards each game.

· Payment by the successful bidder is required on the night of the auction.